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  • CBD vs. THC- What's the Difference?

    When stepping into the world of hemp, you may hear people using different acronyms to describe products. Two of the most common ones when referring...
  • The 5 W's of Eliada Farms CBD Products

    Eliada Farms my be the new kid on the block for CBD products, but there's a lot to learn about us already! We have a unique mission of helping you ...
  • CBD for Pets

    Do you have a hyper active pup or crazy kitten friend? Ever considered CBD for your furry friend? We did the research for you and bring you our discount for national pet month!
  • 11 Incredible Products Made From Hemp

      With "hemp this", and "CBD that" popping up everywhere, we're learning just how versatile the hemp plant really is. From buildings, to clothing, ...
  • Our Top 5 seasons to try CBD

     CBD is becoming more and more popular as people learn about it and science studies its beneficial affect. It is also widely available at many stor...
  • Extraction: Turning Plants into Oil

    Learn about how we process our hemp, what its end products are, and what we do with them.
  • All About Our Farm

    Nestled in Blue Ridge Mountain of Asheville, NC, Eliada Farms established their greenhouse growing operation for hemp.