11 Incredible Products Made From Hemp


With "hemp this", and "CBD that" popping up everywhere, we're learning just how versatile the hemp plant really is. From buildings, to clothing, to health, and food: Here are some unique uses for hemp and CBD we found:


1. Hemp Underwear

We had to start with this one. You read that right. Underwear made from hemp. Underwear and other clothing products are popular in the textile alternative as a sustainable fabric choice.

2. Hemp CBD Tinctures

Hemp CBD Tinctures are becoming popular for addressing chronic pain, mood disorders, and aiding in sleep. Eliada Farms offers different strengths- 250 mg for pets, 500 mg and 1000 mg for humans, in Full-Spectrum CBD tincture suspended in 100% organic coconut oil.


3. Hempcrete

"Hempcrete" is a biocomposite material made from hemp shives and other natural materials. Hempcrete is considered a sustainable method for building, a great insulator, fire and pest resistant, but is not considered stronger than concrete, as it is more light weight. 

4. Hemp Batteries

Hemp batteries seem to be a relatively new idea, but quickly outshining the lithium ion battery competitor. Hemp batteries are being made from "hemp bark" which is typically considered waste. The hemp bark is turned into a supercapacitor that is out-preforming our traditional energy products.

5. CBD Tincture for Pets 

Eliada Farms features a Full-Spectrum 250 mg CBD Pet Tincture that owners love to use for hyper-active or anxious rescue pets that may take some time to warm up. Drop in their food or on their favorite treat!

6. Hemp Insulation

Hemp insulation is becoming increasingly more popular as an eco friendly alternative to traditional insultation containing more than half it material make up as chemicals and plastics, hemp insulation is 92% hemp and 8% polyester fibers.

7. Hemp Coffins

Yep. In Australia, you can buy your own hemp coffin in the ballpark of $700-$900 which is much more affordable than your traditional coffin. These coffins are made of a pressed hemp board and hemp rope. The company recommends buying your hemp coffin early and use as a bookstore or broom storage. 

8. Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds a mildly nutty, healthy option to top yogurt, oatmeal, salads, and smoothies. It's a no-cook, easy way to add omega fatty acids and protein to any meal. 

9 Hemp Milk

Hemp milk has joined the alternative milk party as a highly nutritious trade for cows milk. Hemp milk is high in healthy fats and protein as well as coming fortified with with vitamins and minerals.

10. Hemp Seed Butter

Hemp seed butter contains vitamin E, a vitamin that aids in healing skin tissues, making #19 a nutritious choice for food AND skin care! What CAN'T hemp do?

11. Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is a complete protein, meaning it contains essential amino acids required for growth and building of body tissues. Hemp protein also contains fiber, easy to digest, contains unsaturated fat, and antioxidants for cancer fighting power. Take that, whey protein.


There's our round-up of some of our favorite CBD and hemp products on the market right now! Let us know some of your favorite or most interesting CBD and hemp products you've seen out on the market so far!

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