All About Our Farm

Welcome to Eliada Farms!

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC are our greenhouses full of hemp. We began growing hemp in the fall of 2018 with our first crop and continued growing several more crops since then. We utilize small scale greenhouse production here in Western North Carolina because it allows us to tend to each plant by hand and check on them regularly. Also, because of our colder winters, it allow us the ability to grow year-round more easily.


We source clones from a local hemp farmer here in Asheville, NC and choose strains best suited for greenhouse production and CBD content. We grow single strain varieties for each crop.

Our growing practices strive to mimic nature. We use minimal supplemental lighting when necessary in the winter. Our plants are never sprayed with any harmful chemicals or pesticides. In the off chance that pests find out plants, we use biological controls and OMRI approved organic methods of treating pests, such as releasing ladybugs. 


We typically grow between 450-800 plants for each crop, and find that small scale growing keeps our crops at their top quality. When the plants have finished flowering, all our hemp is hand harvested and hung to dry for several weeks before getting extracted.

Stay tuned to next months blog where we discuss more about our extraction process!

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