Extraction: Turning Plants into Oil

The success of our extraction process really begins at the start of growing with clone selection, building healthy soils, and strain genetics. However, harvest plays a large role in how our extraction process goes as well.

All our of hemp is hand harvested and hung to dry in a blacked out greenhouse. We set up circulation and ventilation systems to drop the humidity in the space, which allows our hemp to dry and cure over the course of several weeks. This allows the plant to retain its potency, flavors, terpenes, and  cannabinoids.

Once dry, we remove all the flower material from the stem, another process done by hand, and prepare it to go to the extraction lab.

We are fortunate enough to work with a local extractor who processes all our biomass material into a crude hemp oil form. Our processor uses a cold ethanol extraction process, to which the end product results in a full spectrum hemp oil. 

Our hemp oil, once extracted, is then sent off for potency testing. You can view all of our testing results and Certificate of Analysis under the Quick-links section of our website labeled " Lab Results". We make sure that all of our hemp oil and products are compliant with state and federal requirements, as well as DEA and USDA regulations.

 Once our oil is extracted and tested, we then make it into the products we sell directly to our customers. Our full spectrum hemp oil is then titrated into glass bottles for our oil tincture and mixed with MCT oil ( derived from coconuts). Or, in the case of our salve product, our oil is mixed with shea butter and other essential oils to make our Benevolent Balm salve.

You can read more about our products and their ingredients on our website:


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