Farm Life in Winter!

What is it that we do all winter in the cold freezing months?

If you live in a place that experiences winter with below freezing temperatures, you know that not all plants can survive outside in these extreme temperatures. While we do have some heat in our greenhouse, we prefer to take a small growing break during the winter months. 


Instead of growing during the winter we focus our work energy on building our business. We do things like update our website, plan new product launches, focus efforts on social media, take time to connect with other retailers and farmers in our field.

We also spend time processing our hemp plants and getting the CBD extracted. We look at future crop plans and pest management for the upcoming growing season, deep clean our greenhouse space and materials, and prepare for another income crop in the spring. 

Winter can be a great time of reflection and planning for a grower. It gives time for re-set and recharge, to focus on things for the growing of the company, and to plan for future crops. 

We hope you, even if you're not a grower, spend some time resting, re-charging, and reflecting upon this past year. 

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