Thanks to YOU!

This months blog is a Thank You to all our customers and supporters over the past 2 years!

Elida Farms may seem like a small group of workers, but it took a lot of hands to get to the point and products we have today.


Thank you to the hemp growers and workers who helped produce all the plant material we use to make our craft products!

Thank you to those that helped with the long hours of harvest and processing of our flower!

Thank you to Brandstracts for extracting our hemp flower into oil and manufacturing our products for us!

And thank you to our customers who help support our mission of giving back 100% of proceeds to local non-profit Eliada Home!!

The more we can support the local community, the more we can see a vibrant community grow! Do you part and help by purchasing our CBD products. Every purchase makes a difference.


Thank You!

-Eliada Farms Team


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