About Us



Eliada Farms is established to support Eliada Homes through the power of hemp. Eliada Homes is a non-profit organization in Asheville, NC. Established in 1906, Eliada has served children in need for over 100 years. Today, Eliada annually provides a birth to career continuum of services for over 600 children and youth. Services include early learning, foster care, and mental health care. 

100% of proceeds from the sales of Eliada Farms Full Spectrum CBD Oil go directly to Eliada Homes' core programs. 

We grow all of our hemp in Western North Carolina, where our products are also proudly made. Nourish yourself with CBD while helping Eliada Homes support children in need. 


To find more about Eliada Homes visit Eliada.org